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Arlington VA Meeting Location

Kales & Kales PLC’s Arlington, VA meeting location is conveniently located close to the Ballston station on the Metro’s Orange Line and I-66.

Kales & Kales, PLC is a highly rated, well respected, and settlement oriented team, which can serve as your comprehensive source for your family law needs. We focus our practice on Collaborative Divorce, mediation, negotiated divorce settlements, and prenuptial agreements. We also offer an affordable uncontested divorce program.

Of note, we conduct many of our mediations at our Arlington meeting location, as we have a round table there, which is a great tool for a successful mediation. Why is a round table helpful? It doesn’t have any sides, and there is no top or bottom. A spouse cannot gain a strategical edge by placing him or herself at one location over another.  Instead, both spouses negotiate from an equal spot at the table.

Additionally, a round table can help to calm both spouses, as they are on neutral ground and therefore less likely to feel attacked.  This tends to make them more productive in their efforts to reach a divorce settlement agreement.

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