Fairfax, VA Historic Sites

Fairfax, Virginia, was first settled in the early 18th century by a group of farmers. With this much history behind it, it’s no surprise that Fairfax has a number of historic sites. The city has buildings that date back to 1800 and was the setting of the Civil War’s first land battle, so there’s much to see here. Here are four of the most exciting historic Fairfax, VA historic sites for you to see if you’re visiting the area plus a few others you won’t want to miss.

Welcome to Fairfax County, Virginia!

Welcome to Fairfax County, the heart of Northern Virginia, just minutes from Washington, DC. From monumental historic sites to a myriad of outdoor recreation and some of the best shopping and dining o…

This Historic Fairfax County Courthouse was built in 1799. It is the oldest building in the city and is still in use today, although it now houses the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court after the main court was moved to a new building in 1969. Because it’s still in use, you won’t be able to tour the entire facility because you may interrupt a divorce lawyer in Fairfax, VA appearing before a judge . However, tours of the original structure and the historic records center are conducted at 11:00 am and at 3:00 pm every Friday. The court archives are also open to the public for research.
The Historic Fairfax County Courthouse Wiki Page.

Colvin Run Mill and General Store

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it was like to run a mill, bring your family to the Colvin Run Mill and General Store. This mill, built in 1811, is the only 19th century water mill left in the area and it has been completely restored to full working order. You can visit the mill itself, the miller’s house, and shop at the general store. You can also picnic nearby, plus a number of programs are held at the mill every month.

One great thing about visiting the Colvin Run Mill is that it’s truly a family event. Tour guides offer everything from interactive flip books for children to highly detailed engineering and historical information for adults who want to know everything about the mill.
Colvin Run Mill Webpage on the Fairfax County Park Authority Site.

The Old Floris Schoolhouse

Located in Frying Pan Farm Park, the Old Floris Schoolhouse was built in 1911. This four-room schoolhouse is actually the third school to stand at this location. The first, a one-room school, was built in 1876. It was replaced in 1901 with a larger, two-room school. Today, the schoolhouse is used as the educational building for Frying Pan Farm Park. Summer day camps, family-oriented educational events and even preschool classes are held here.
More Information about the Old Floris Schoolhouse, including a link to the preschool.

Historic Green Spring

This beautiful historic manor dates back to 1784. John Moss, the builder, purchased 540 acres of land and instead of continuing to grow tobacco on the land, began cultivating oats, rye, wheat, and corn while raising pigs and cattle. The land changed hands several times after his grandson sold it in 1843. In 1970, the house and the last 16 acres of the original lot, was deeded over to the park authority. Today, Green Spring Gardens Park offers a tour of the home, tea in the garden, rotating art exhibits, and a museum gift shop.
More information about Historic Green Spring.

Other Fairfax, VA Historic Sites
Here are some other sites you may want to visit while you’re in the Fairfax area.

Historic Blenheim and the Civil War Interpretive Center
Ratcliffe-Allison House & Kitty Pozer Garden
The Old Fairfax County Jail
The Walney Visitor Center at the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park
Hunter House
The Sully Historic Site