Fairfax, VA Universities

If you’re looking for a good college, you might want to consider one of these universities in the vicinity of Fairfax, VA.  All three of the schools located in the Fairfax, VA vicinity are quite respectable and will provide a quality education. In addition to these three universities, there are a number of other colleges located near Fairfax. If you’re not looking for a traditional four-year program, there are also a number of community colleges in and around Fairfax.

Tour of GW

Here’s your personal tour guide to GW’s Foggy Bottom campus.

George Washington University

George Washington University is a private school that has a huge variety of programs—174 at last count. It offers associate, undergraduate, and graduate degrees, including law degrees and doctoral programs. The university is noted for its education and human development and law degrees, although many students also enroll in healthcare-related majors and in business administration.

The university is made up of ten different schools, and alumni often seek careers in politics and government. All types of lawyers graduate from George Washington University including constitutional, criminal, and Northern, VA divorce lawyers. Notable graduates from George Washington University include J. Edgar Hoover, Colin Powell, and Jacqueline Kennedy.
George Washington University Website

Howard University

Howard University is also a private college. It has 133 different undergraduate and graduate programs, including doctoral programs. Howard University has ranked highly on lists of colleges, including reaching 25th on lists compiled by CollegeNet and Payscale. Its most popular programs include journalism, biology, and social work. Those seeking a Ph.D. degree most often enroll in law or a healthcare-related field, including dentistry.

Howard University’s campus includes more than 250 acres and includes a number of historic buildings. It’s also home to the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, which houses one of the largest collections of historical documents related to the culture and history of the African people. Notable alumni of Howard University include Debbie Allen, Toni Morrison, Thurgood Marshall, and Ambassador Andrew Young.
Howard University Website

George Mason University

The third university which is located in Fairfax, VA, George Mason University, offers almost 120 different programs. It’s a public university, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less prestigious. Its law school is very highly ranked. George Mason offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs along with postgraduate certificates. For undergrads, psychology and accounting are very popular, while graduate students often pursue degrees in curriculum and law. The university’s certificate in teaching individuals with autism is also highly sought after.

George Mason is home to two faculty members who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. Notable alumni include former Somalia Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, baseball player Justin Bour, and Virginian Poet Laureate Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda.
George Mason University Website

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is another private university located near Fairfax. It’s notable for having a 93 percent graduation rate since 2006, plus the university has a very high retention rate. Georgetown has nine different schools that offer a variety of undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. Of particular note is the School of Foreign Service, which has the top ranking graduate program according to Foreign Policy Magazine.

Notable graduates of Georgetown University include Former President Bill Clinton, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois and Govern Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, Justice Antonin Scalia, and Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg.
Georgetown University Website

Other Fairfax, VA Universities
There are a number of other colleges and universities near Fairfax, VA.

Northern Virginia Community College
Gallaudet University
American University
Catholic University of America