16 Interesting Facts about Fairfax County, Virginia

Officially the County of Fairfax, Fairfax County is in the Commonwealth of Virginia with an estimated population (2015) of 1,142,234 making it the Commonwealths most populous jurisdiction; along with Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia’s Metropolitan Statistical Area and Washington-Alexandria-Arlington, DC’s. The County is most likely known most for its history and heritage, but there is endless entertainment for anyone to choose from; and something for everyone to discover. Have a look at some interesting facts about Fairfax County, Virginia from its extensive history to little known facts..

Little Known Facts

Most people in the Fairfax County area may be familiar with what makes it unique and special, but “outsiders”, and even some of the locals, may be surprised to find there is a lot more to this place than they think; making it a “hidden-gem” to discover.

Historical facts

Anyone, and everyone really, knows Virginia has mega amounts of history dating all the way back 1800s, but Fairfax County’s history started even before that.

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