FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS can be a life saver in Collaborative Divorce cases, since they function as neutrals and have no vested interest beyond providing information, overview and options to the spouses. They can assist with gathering and organizing documents, educating the clients regarding the short and long term effects of a settlement plan, and providing practical planning, guidance and support to the divorce process.

MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS can be employed in a number of roles during the collaborative process. They can serve as divorce coaches to help spouses communicate more effectively with one another during the meetings. Since they are adept at picking-up the less obvious psychological issues that can undermine effective communication and resolution of differences, they can keep counsel apprised of problem areas in the marriage relationship or with a minor child. Mental health professionals can also serve as child specialists, meeting with the children, exploring their reactions to the family break-up and serving as a voice for the child. Finally, they can assist in crafting a parenting plan which best fosters the children’s developmental needs.