Divorce attorneys do more than divide by two.

Pursuant Virginia law, when property is “equitably” divided, parties must first identify what property they have and then classify that property as either marital or separate. Generally speaking, assets acquired prior to the marriage or assets acquired by inheritance or gift (from someone other than your spouse) are separate property, while assets acquired during the marriage are considered marital. After the marital estate has been identified, the assets making up the estate are valued and then divided.

Both Amy & Jonathan Kales are informed of the law as it related to the equitable distribution of property. Whether your assets reach well into the millions or if your marital estate is more on the modest end, we will work our hardest to end up with a fair division of property as a result. If you have any questions about Equitable Distribution of Property, please contact us online to discuss your case. We would be happy to meet with you at our Fairfax office or one of our other Northern Virginia offices.