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How much is a normal retainer?

There is no “normal” retainer or deposit. The amount of a retainer varies with each case and it depends on the issues, nature, and circumstances involved. For example, a simple divorce will require a smaller security deposit than one which involves custody issues, support issues, and asset distribution. The...

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If I retain the firm to represent me, how are cases billed?

Cases are billed in increments of one-tenths of an hour at the rate of the attorney, paralegal, or law clerk working on your case at any given time. This is done in accordance with a detailed written contract for services referred to as the representation agreement....

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a process for resolving divorce cases, without the use of litigation. No one may go to court, or even threaten to do so. It allows spouses to survive divorce, stay sane, and keep their futures intact. Both spouses retain separate, specially-trained lawyers whose only job is...

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My friend’s traditional divorce lawyer says they settle most of their cases. How is a divorce settlement reached via the Collaborative Process different from one reached in part of a court case?

Most litigated divorces settle figuratively, if not literally, “on the courthouse steps,” under conditions of considerable tension and anxiety. By that time, each spouse has spent a large amount of money on a process that causes a significant emotional damage. Often, such a “settlement” leads to resentment of its...

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a private, confidential, cooperative dispute resolution process in which the mediator, an impartial trained professional neutral, helps the spouses to negotiate a mutually acceptable divorce settlement. The process emphasizes open communication, an honest exchange of information, and respect....

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