Jonathan Kales’ collaborative divorce client, Dick White, and his wife, Margie, were on CNN in a piece about divorce after 50. .

Just six months after their divorce, they come across as warm, well adjusted, and still caring very much for one another. How are these folks able to do this?

Partly because, while they are different people and had difficulty coexisting under one roof, they’re both kind and gentle, and still fond of one another; and, partly because they chose to divorce via the collaborative process. The collaborative process strives to help divorcing couples avoid the ramping up of conflict that is frequently associated with traditional, litigated divorces; instead, collaborative attorneys assist their clients with creating long-lasting enduring solutions for themselves and their families.

In the case of the Whites: they still live in close proximity to one another; when Margie was recently in a fender bender, she called Dick before reaching out to anybody else; Dick still fixes things at Margie’s house, the home they shared together for many years; etc., etc. They divorced “the right way.”