Mediation is a faster, cheaper, less painful alternative to a traditional, court based divorce. Additionally, parents who mediate have a better long-term relationship with their children. However, if you can’t stand to be in the same room with your spouse, if you can’t get past saying hello without an argument, how are you supposed to work together to reach an agreement about the terms of your divorce?

A trained and experienced mediator can help you overcome settlement hurdles by:

  1. Helping you define the issues and set the agenda for the discussion;
  2. Maximizing your communication;
  3. Keeping your conversations productive and focused when you find yourselves fighting the same old battles; and
  4. Guiding you toward making rational decisions that you both agree are fair.

Ultimately, when a couple ends their marriage in mediation, each party leaves the marriage emotionally better off than they would have done otherwise. Although divorce mediation is about breaking up, it can also help begin the healing process.