When it comes to finding a qualified divorce mediator in Northern Virginia, you have several options. Selecting the person or team best suited to helping you and your spouse reach consensus on key issues and to end your marriage without court intervention is largely a matter of personal preference. However, to make an informed decision, it is important that you both understand the divorce mediator’s approach to the process.

Our Techniques

At Kales & Kales, PLC, divorce mediation attorneys Jonathan L. Kales and Amy Grillo Kales help couples by:

  • Providing a safe forum for constructive, respectful dialogue regarding key issues.

  • Allowing each person to have a significant say in decision-making.

  • Encouraging participants to focus on solutions rather than problems.

  • Sharing relevant insight into the legal system and Virginia family law without providing legal advice or advocacy for either person.

Co-Mediation: the Secret of Our Success… and Yours

Both qualified and experienced, Jonathan and Amy serve as co-mediators in their divorce mediation cases. This approach not only differentiates the husband-and-wife team from other Northern Virginia divorce mediators, but also provides clients with an efficient and effective alternative to litigation.

The Co-Mediation Model Used by Kales & Kales Yields Positive Results When Used in Divorce Cases Because It:

  • Allows the mediators to share responsibilities – This in turn improves overall efficiency and may even make the process quicker.

  • Levels the playing field – When Jonathan and Amy co-mediate divorce cases, each spouse always has a mediator of his or her same gender at every mediation session, which, for many spouses, creates a positive dynamic and a feeling of safety.

  • Facilitates effective communication – By using constructive communication techniques during the divorce mediation process, co-mediators can actually demonstrate how those methods are effective. This means their clients can see how the techniques work, rather than being told why they work. This also means they will be more inclined to use the techniques in negotiations themselves.

  • Is cost effective – At Kales & Kales, divorce mediation clients get a divorce mediation team (co-mediators) for the price of one. This is because we only charge at Jonathan’s hourly rate.

Additional Benefits of Kales & Kales Divorce Mediation Services

Our approach to divorce mediation is specifically designed to decrease the conflict inherent in traditional divorce litigation. This creates a healthier environment for the children during and after the divorce and encourages couples to explore alternative ways to reach consensus on important issues.

An additional benefit is that the divorce mediation process affords more privacy than traditional litigation. This is because Virginia family law usually (but not always) mandates that all communications made during or in connection with divorce mediation and all relevant material remains confidential.

Finally, our divorce mediation techniques are designed to ensure that you and your spouse most often will reach a comprehensive divorce settlement agreement that everyone can live with in the short and long term.

If you and your spouse are unable to settle all of the issues in your divorce, you can always enter a partial settlement agreement regarding the issues you have resolved and temporarily halt the mediation process, give things some more thought, and revisit the process when you are ready.  You can also enter a partial settlement agreement and pursue legal recourse through the courts regarding your unsettled issues.

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