If you are looking at our website, chances are you are either considering or have already decided to divorce. If you are like most people, you are concerned about the cost of hiring a lawyer. The good news is that there is a very affordable option that might work for you – the Kales & Kales uncontested divorce program.

The obvious benefit of an uncontested divorce is its low cost. You may have heard horror stories from friends or family members about messy divorces that end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. With an uncontested divorce, the deposits we require are low and depend on whether you have joint debts or assets, whether you and your spouse have minor children, and whether you and your spouse are dividing any retirement accounts.

Uncontested divorces also save time. There are no court appearances required by either you or your spouse. You do not even need to come into our office. We handle all the paperwork for you and usher it through the court system. Most uncontested divorces are fast, typically taking eight weeks or less to complete.

Do you qualify for the Kales & Kales uncontested divorce program? Yes, if you and your spouse agree to all settlement terms, and your spouse will cooperate in all aspects of the divorce process. If you own any property together, and/or if you have joint debts, you must have already agreed on how it/they will be divided. If you have minor children, you must already have decided how parenting (custody and visitation in legalese) will work, as well as the amounts of any spousal support (aka alimony), and/or child support. Etc, etc.

What if you don’t qualify? That’s okay. Don’t panic. You still have good options available to you, such as Divorce Mediation and the Collaborative Process, which helps divorcing spouses, who need help reaching a settlement, stay out of court.