1. More Affordable
    A collaborative divorce is most often more economical than going to court. In Fairfax County, it is not unusual for lawyers’ fees in a litigated divorce to surpass $100,000. On the other hand, collaborative cases tend to be significantly less contentious, and thus less costly.
  2. More Efficient
    Litigated divorce cases, particularly when kids are part of the equation, tend to last at least a year, and sometimes significantly longer. Collaborative cases usually come to a close in a much shorter time period; typically, a settlement can reached in a few months.
  3. Less Pain
    Because spouses are striving to reach mutually beneficially settlements, instead of battling it out in court without regard for the effect this has on one another and their children, the collaborative process involves less pain for everyone involved.
  4. More Say
    You and your spouse get to decide the terms of your settlement. On the other hand, when you go to court spouses roll the dice and put their fates and their children’s in the hands of a complete stranger, the judge; rarely are either side’s expectations meet, and often both spouses are unhappy with the result.
  5. Less Angst and Worry
    As you will negotiate in a safe envelope in the collaborative process, rather than duking it out in litigation, you will suffer less angst and worry less. Divorce is never pleasant, but collaboration almost always leads to a more tolerable divorce experience.