1. You each have more control over the outcome. You can voice your opinions and know that you will be heard.
  2. You get to agree to settlement issues based on compromise and fair play instead of having a judge make the final decisions that affect your lives
  3. It is less expensive than litigation. Attorney fees and court costs can add up quickly.
  4. The process takes less time than litigation because you chose the time and place you meet instead of dealing with the timetable of busy divorce courts.
  5. There is far less stress and anxiety involved because you are playing a more active role in the divorce.
  6. The goal is to reach a settlement before anyone files papers in divorce court. Once a couple accepts a settlement, then a legally binding agreement is written and once signed by both parties the papers are filed in court for the approval of a judge.
  7. You know that you worked together to make life easier for everyone. This is especially important if children are involved.