One of the things that makes the Collaborative Divorce process unique is the “Collaborative Team.” As the name implies, the idea behind the Collaborative Team is that all participants are working together, rather than against each other, toward the best possible outcome. If you decide to use the collaborative process, your Collaborative Team may look like this:

The Collaborative Attorneys. Both you and your spouse will have your own collaborative attorney, whose role is to represent your best interests while working within the collaborative process. He or she will provide legal advice and guidance, and will help you explore realistic alternatives that meet your needs.

The Divorce Coach. A divorce coach is a mental health professional who can help you and your spouse participate more effectively in the collaborative process. The divorce coach uses his or her professional training and experience to help you and your spouse overcome any emotional issues that might get in the way of reaching a settlement, to facilitate meetings, and to work with you and your spouse on a parenting plan (in legalese, child custody and visitation).

The Child Specialist. The role of the child specialist is to provide a voice for your children, and to help you and your spouse clarify their needs and interests. He or she can provide you with guidance for helping your children through the divorce process. In addition, the child specialist will provide information to the divorce coach that will help develop an effective parenting plan that prioritizes the needs of the children.

The Financial Specialist. The Financial Specialist is a certified financial planner, certified divorce financial analyst, certified divorce planner, and/or certified public accountant. He or she will help you gather, organize, list, understand and analyze financial data relevant to your divorce. The Financial Specialist will help you understand your family’s financial reality, as well as the financial implications of your settlement decisions.

YOU. As the client, you play an essential role on Collaborative Team. The process is about YOU: helping you through the divorce process in a respectful, private manner; providing you with emotional, legal, and financial support; and helping you and your spouse negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement without going to court.

If this team approach appeals to you, please contact us to find out more about the Collaborative Divorce process and its many benefits.