1. The collaborative process is designed to be less time consuming than a litigated divorce, which can drag on for years until the courts bring “Termination: Judgment Day.”
  2. Collaborative resolutions tend to last through the “End of Days,” as they are reached through a process in which clients have more control, and are more sustainable over longer periods of time
  3. Collaborative divorce helps end the emotional battle, the anger, upset, fighting, and “True Lies.”
  4. Collaborative divorce will limit the “Collateral Damage” to the emotional health and well-being of the children, both during and after the divorce.
  5. Collaborative divorce encourages transparency and voluntary production of documents between the parties, so they can rest assured that there has been “Total Recall” of all financial statements.
  6. Collaborative Divorce results in a financial settlement that is respectful to both parties according to their needs both now and in the future, so that they can “Jingle All the Way” to the bank.
  7. Collaborative attorneys are not required to behave like “Predators” fighting to defeat their opponent. Instead, they encourage the highest level of ethical and moral behavior among themselves and their clients.
  8. A collaborative lawyer knows the best way to serve the client’s interest is to achieve a settlement that preserves the dignity of both spouses and serves the best interests of the family, so that no one gets a “Raw Deal.”
  9. Collaborative divorce is more private than a contested divorce, and avoids the “Red Heat” of the public spotlight.
  10. In the end, a collaborative divorce will allow them to bid each other, “Hasta la vista, Baby,” with no regrets.