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How much are initial consultations?

Initial consultations are charged at the hourly rate of the attorney with whom you have an appointment. Rates of the attorneys in the firm vary, so the cost depends on the rate of the attorney. Charges for initial consultations are due and payable at the conclusion of the conference....

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How much is a normal retainer?

There is no “normal” retainer or deposit. The amount of a retainer varies with each case and it depends on the issues, nature, and circumstances involved. For example, a simple divorce will require a smaller security deposit than one which involves custody issues, support issues, and asset distribution. The...

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Do you offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce?

Yes. Kales & Kales offers a flat fee for uncontested divorces. If your case meets certain criteria, including having no issues of support or property to resolve, then we can provide a cost-effective solution. For a flat rate of as low as $481, we will handle an uncontested divorce....

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