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Why the style of communication in the collaborative process can lower your divorce costs.

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Talks in divorce litigation tend to be something like the following: The wife speaks with her attorney.  The wife’s attorney speaks with the husband’s attorney.  The two attorneys speak. The husband’s attorney speaks with the husband.  The husband’s attorney speaks with the wife’s attorney.  Etc., etc. These communications could...

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Jonathan Kales Named to Ten Leaders in Collaborative Divorce Law in Greater Washington, D.C.

Jonathan Kales has been named to “Ten Leaders in Collaborative Divorce Law in Greater Washington District of Columbia” by The Ten Leaders Cooperative, along with colleagues with reputations as some of the best collaborative divorce lawyers in Northern Virginia, the District, and suburban Maryland. Jonathan’s Ten Leaders profile appears at https://tenleaders.com/law/collaborative-divorce-law/district-of-columbia/greater-washington/....

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