The process is simple, is done entirely in writing, and requires no court appearances or office visits:

Step 1:  Our lawyers draft a Marital Settlement Agreement on your behalf.
Step 2:  Once you and your spouse sign the Marital Settlement Agreement, our lawyers file a Complaint for Divorce on your behalf.
Step 3:  Your spouse signs a Waiver of Notice and Service of Process
Step 4:  Our lawyers ask you and a witness a short series of questions, in writing, you answer and sign.
Step 5:  Our lawyers submit a Final Order of Divorce to the Fairfax County Circuit Court on your behalf, which a judge signs, and you’re divorced.

What if you don’t live in Northern Virginia? No problem. The Fairfax County Circuit Court can divorce any Virginia resident, provided both spouses cooperate.

For more details, please visit our Uncontested Divorce page.