1. “You are so right.”
  2. “Those jeans look kind of baggy. Do they come in a smaller size.”
  3. “I too cannot believe my mother said that. What a *&^%!”
  4. “Do you look like you’ve been at home eating bon-bons all day? No way, you amazing and beautiful mother of my children!”
  5. “Girls night out? Every night this week? I’m in charge of the kids? Awesome!”
  6. “I am so sorry. I too cannot believe I did that.”
  7. “I acknowledge my domestic ineptitude, but I’d like to help. What can I do?”
  8. “Did I have a long, hard day? No, not in the slightest, and certainly not in comparison to the nonstop bickering, whining, complaining, crying, pouting, excuse-making, fit-having, and punch-throwing over which you presided.”
  9. “Too many shoes? No way! You need more.”
  10. “Yes.”